Walmart not only deals in household items; it also takes old car batteries for recycling.

So, the answer to the question, “Does Walmart take old car batteries?” is yes. You can return your used car batteries to Walmart quickly.

Does Walmart Take Old Car Batteries
Walmart Old Batteries

This article concerns Walmart’s car battery recycling program and returns & exchange policy.

Does Walmart Recycle Used Car Batteries

Many Walmart stores are providing battery recycling facilities. Walmart is doing an excellent job of disposing of old batteries.

Plastic or hard rubber and lead make lead-acid batteries. They contain an electrolytic solution having sulphuric acid. All these materials pose a serious threat to our environment and are a health risk.

Car battery disposal at Walmart center

Walmart charges you $5-$10 as a “Merchandising Fee” for buying a new car battery at their store. This amount is a deposit under “core charge” on all care battery sales and is fully refundable. When you return the old battery to a Walmart store, you will get a refund of your deposit amount.


The old car battery returning procedure is straightforward. Take your used car battery for recycling to a Walmart store, and they will accept it. Walmart will recycle the battery at no cost.

Is the core charge refundable

Yes, the core charge is refundable. To get the refund, visit the Walmart customer service center or automotive department. The core charge refund is done in cash. To claim the refund, you must bring the items below to the Walmart store:

  • Original battery buy receipt from Walmart with core charges mentioned on it.
  • Old battery to be recycled, which you bought from Walmart store against which you paid the fee.

You won’t get a refund If:

  • You lose the original buy receipt, and the store can’t find the buy record.
  • You do not return your old battery to the Walmart store.
  • You wish to return an old battery not bought at the Walmart store.

You can exchange your old battery for the new one. If you don’t want to replace the battery, you will get a credit note for shopping at Walmart.

Process of core charge refund

Follow the below steps to process your core charge refund at a Walmart store.

  • Bring the old battery you bought from a Walmart store and the original receipt at any Walmart store.
  • Inform the employee that you want a refund on your deposit, and the employee will take care of the rest.

But if you want to buy a new battery simultaneously, you can do that. The refund amount will adjust to the new battery price. The store will issue the new core charge for the new battery.

How to handle old car batteries

Lead-acid batteries contain electrolytic solutions having sulphuric acid. These batteries are made from plastic or hard rubber. If not disposed of properly, these materials are dangerous for the environment. They also pose a severe health risk.

There are different ways you can handle old car batteries. You can either recycle them, resell them or dispose of them.

  • Recycle is the most widely preferred way of old car battery handling.
  • If you dispose of the old car battery instead of recycling it, a hazardous waste facility can do it for you.

It would be best if you handled old batteries either way. If you leave it in a landfill, the harmful substances will leak from the battery. They will contaminate the soil and groundwater. They will also contaminate the surrounding lakes and streams. All the contamination may cause health problems for the residents.

Here are some critical guides on recycling car batteries.

  • Keep car batteries away from other household recyclables.
  • Always use protective gloves and goggles while handling car batteries.
  • While transporting a battery for recycling, keep its upright position securely.
  • In case of battery leakage, keep it in a water-tight container while transporting.

Recycling process in 3 steps

There are three main steps in recycling a lead-acid battery. These steps are based on the material being used in the battery.

Step #1:

The dead battery is placed in a machine named “hammer mill.” The machine crushes the battery into small, nickel-size pieces. These pieces are placed in a tank to separate different materials.

Due to dissimilar densities, some materials, like the lead sink. Other materials like rubber and plastic float. Liquids go into the solution (battery acrid). These materials are treated individually.

Step #2:

The furnaces melt the lead. Remove the impurities from molten lead. After it becomes cool, send the lead to the battery manufacturer. The manufacturer reuses it to manufacture new batteries.

Similarly, Isolate the battery plastic from the rubber before recycling. Place it in an extruder, which uses heat and pressure to melt it. The plastic is cut uniformly to send to the manufacturer, who reuses it in new batteries.

Rubber cannot be recycled, but it is helpful in other recycling processes.

Step #3:

The third material, battery acid, is recycled using a neutralizing agent. The acid breaks into water and a salt compound. The water is tested for cleanliness before it is released into a sewer system.

What are the signs of a poor car battery

Car batteries are not designed for long-lasting. Their lifespan is three to four years, depending on how you care for them. Some visible signs suggest issues with the battery. These signs may include:

  • Car battery warning light flashing on your dashboard.
  • Car starting issue.
  • Battery swelling.
  • Dim headlight.

If you encounter these signs, it’s time to replace the battery.

Does Walmart offer free car battery testing

Yes, it does. Walmart’s car care department offers free battery testing. They also offer the installation of a new battery. But ensure that you are at the right location, where the car care department is available. If you are unsure, it is better to call the store to check if they have a car care facility available.

To avoid inconvenience, get your car battery tested regularly once it ages. Through Walmart testing, you can be sure of the test result. If you want to change your old battery, Walmart car care staff will also do that.

Do Walmart car batteries last longer

Walmart car batteries are equally good as batteries from other brands or stores. There is a possibility that the battery expires before the expiry of the warranty. In that case, you can get a free replacement battery.

The life of a Walmart car battery depends on which type of battery you have in your car. The top-of-the-line battery “EverStart Maxx” lasts between three to five years.

The battery life depends on its use and the environment in which it is used.

Will Walmart accept a return without a sales receipt

Yes, it’s possible. Walmart accepts returns on new batteries within 90 days of buying. After 90 days, Walmart will only accept the manufacturer’s replacement warranty. Manufacturer warranty is applicable for at least one year.

Before returning without a sales receipt, you should know specific terms and conditions.

  • The battery should be under warranty.
  • You should provide a valid, government-issued ID on demand at the Walmart store. They will track any other previous record of no-record return using your ID.

The store manager reserves the right to deny any return, refund, or exchange request at any time.

What are the criteria for returning a car battery to Walmart?

There are a few criteria for returning a car battery to Walmart.

  • If you change your mind or realize you don’t need the battery, you buy it within the first 90 days.
  • The battery you buy malfunctions or stops working within the first 90 days.

Remember, this policy does not apply if the battery gets damaged due to misuse or mishandling.

Car battery warranty criteria

A car battery warranty only covers manufacturer defects. These defects may appear during the regular use of the car. One of the main factors of the battery’s cost is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The longer the warranty, the higher will be the cost of the battery.

What is covered under warranty

The majority of the manufacturers cover the below defects under warranty. The warranty period starts from the battery purchasing day.

  • Battery leakage
  • Battery swelling or bulging
  • Failure to charge
  • Failure to start the car engine

What is not covered under warranty

Battery warranty will be void if there are signs of mishandling, damage, or use of force. The warranty does not protect the following:

  • Accidental damage.
  • Natural disasters like fire or flood.
  • Damage due to negligence.

What can I do with the old car batteries

Besides recycling, consider a few alternative methods while disposing of the car battery.

Local car repair shop

A local repair shop is a good option if you are considering replacing your old battery with the new one. You won’t receive any money for the old battery. But the cost of the old battery is adjustable to the cost of the new battery. The shopkeeper may not charge you anything for the new battery fitting.

Servicing the old battery

Instead of scrapping the old battery, you may recondition and reuse it. You may sell the reconditioned battery to earn some money.

How does the weight of a car battery matter

Battery weight affects the vehicle’s performance. Putting a heavy battery in a car with a small engine will reduce the car’s efficiency. The light battery will not provide enough power to run the electrical system.

What is the weight of a car battery

On average, the weight of a car battery ranges between 25 to 50 pounds. But the battery weight depends on various factors, for example:

  • The battery types.
  • The fluid level in the battery.
  • The amount of voltage it will generate.

The empty battery weighs less than a full battery. The electrolyte liquid inside the battery contributes to its weight.

How can I check the car battery manufacturing date

Car batteries have a date code printed on the top or side. The code helps you determine whether the battery is still under warranty. Most battery manufacturers use a similar code system: letters and numbers. The letter represents the manufacturing month, and the number denotes the year.

Where can I get the most value for an old car battery

A few places offer a good value for old car batteries.

Auto spare parts shop

They may not buy old batteries from you, but they can offer a good deal. They can trade in old batteries for store credit. You can buy a new battery or shop from the store. The credit amount is valued at up to $20.


A junkyard is an excellent option if you want money for your old battery. A lead-acid car battery contains 18-21 pounds of lead. Most junkyards buy the old battery for $7.

Are Walmart car batteries reliable

For various reasons, Walmart car batteries are a good choice for many car owners. The quality of these batteries is excellent and well-priced compared to competitors. Walmart offers free battery testing, fitting, and convenience return and warranty policy.

Walmart batteries offer great value for money, especially for those people who prefer to install batteries themselves.

Pros and Cons of Walmart batteries

Let’s look at why you should and should not buy Walmart batteries.


  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Convenience
  • Free installation


  • Customer service
  • Lack of variety
  • Limited installation locations

How can I buy the correct Walmart battery for my car

There are several ways you can select the right car battery from Walmart.

  • You can use the battery finder tool Walmart developed.
  • There is a group size mentioned on top of most batteries. You can match the group size while buying a new battery.
  • Another option is to check the Amps of the battery. Buy a new battery whose Amps are as close to the installed battery.

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