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antoni chris auto mechanic
Antoni Chris Auto Mechanic

i am auto mechanics doing jobs for 5 years in different Vehicle workshops in in different countries.

I am also the author of this blog and write article for this blog when i get some time. Because i need to help peoples to know about their Auto Problems and correct it by them self.

One night at 1 am, my friend called me on my cell phone and said that his car was not starting. He had an emergency and wanted to take his wife to the hospital, so I told him to check his car battery terminal because most cars dont start because their battery terminals get loose.

He opens, checks it, tightens the battery terminal, and then tries to start their car, and yes the car starts. On that night, I decide to help people because many peoples dont know much about car issues.

The next day I told the whole thing to my friends, and I asked them to that they also are a part of it, so they agreed. Then we decided to make a blog related to autos and post some helpful articles about the problems which peoples dont know.

This is the Basic and starting of Then I realized where to start, and then I remembered that night when my friend called me and asked me for help starting his car. The problem is in the battery terminal, so now I have decided to start a form Car battery and their issues, and then I expand it more like car tires, car engine, car exteriors, car interior, and the other parts.

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