Is your battery dead? You are out of reach and want a temporary solution so that your car starts. Are you shaking your battery to recharge?

Here you will know what happens to your car battery when it is shaken.

What happens when you shake a car battery

When you shake your car battery, it recharges your car’s battery and helps to connect the system by providing power. Then you shake your car’s battery. The electrolytes are shaken inside the cells and are mixed well in the electrolytic solution. Mixing the battery’s body increases the voltage delivered from the ground state to the peak value.

What happens when you shake a car battery

If you are a car owner and used to driving regularly or often, you have to face difficulties, such as car electrical problems or a dead battery. When you used to go for a long drive or when you go to the nearest market, you have to start the car engine. The engine starts when the key is inserted into the ignition system and is turned.

The key turning starts the engine by initiating the initial sparks. But not only petrol but this spark initiation is empowered by the battery. The car battery has positive and negative terminals that connect the cars through cables. These cables are of different colors and are specific for specific terminals.

This also starts the alternator that works and provides its energy back to the battery for the other functions in the car like radio presets, lights, speed in modern cars, a clock, an anti-thief system of the vehicle, and many more things.

The different factors draw the battery power, which causes the battery to drain, and you have to wait for various tests, like starting the car. When the battery drains, the standard voltage of the car battery decrease and might reach a level of 10 0r 11 volts. There needs to be more to start the engine or to support other functions.

Causes of dead battery and shaking:

The factors of the dead battery of any vehicle may be the corrosion that can be treated to baking soda, the faulty alternator, or misuse. But to all these conditions, when the battery dies, You want to overcome the problem by fixing the solution.

The permanent solution is to recharge the battery with any jumper or charger or replace the old or dead battery. Replacement is, however, the permanent and best solution to the issue. If you are not in such a condition to change the battery, as the mechanic is unavailable or you are out of pocket, you have to cover the minimum voltages to start the battery.

One of the best ways to do that when even you have a wrench is to shake the battery. The shaking of battery components causes the electrolytes to speed up the chemical reactions that are taking place in the battery cells. The chemical reactions are a sign of the potential of storing the energy in the system.

When the shake in the battery has detected the electrolytes in the lead acid batteries in the vehicle that is not going to be replaced, pick up more and more vibration, you can say that the energy is given to the system so that energy is used in the work of chemical processes. Thus the voltage drained reaches the value of 12 volts and helps to start the engine, which in turn starts the alternator that works for the car’s run properly.

What does the shake do

Shaking the battery helps a lot, and the car starts by fixing the problem with the battery. When the lead acid batteries are shaken, the electrical problem is solved so that the electrolyte’s chemical process speeds up and the voltage, if low, increases.

Does shaking a car battery charge the battery terminals

The shaking cause the electrolyte to mix properly in the lead acid batteries, which increases the battery voltage a little bit. This movement can charge the battery’s short cells, which temporarily improves the system’s quality.

Can pushing a car charge the battery

Pushing the car can help, and the car starts but does not charge the car battery. When the car is pushed, the battery is provided with energy as the alternator runs and provides electricity to the battery components. Hence, the car engine starts, but you need to recharge later.

Can a bad battery cause my car to shake

A bad battery is not good for the car to function properly and might be when the car remains at rest for a long time. A failing battery can cause complications to the car, especially spark a fire to start the engine. In this condition, your car engine shakes, and you have difficulty switching off lights and working on the door. To overcome you have to recharge the dead battery.

Why is my car violently shaking when I drive

When the car shakes during driving, it may be due to the rough idle condition of the vehicle battery. When the battery cells do not provide enough power and energy to the car’s electrical system, it causes a missing either in the ignition system or it may be due to the defective tire system. The tire balance of the car matter in the shaking of the car during driving.


The shaking of the car battery is a source or solution to regain the draw current from the battery, but this is a temporary source for the vehicle and can be used as a test. The battery, after the shaking, works to as much extent as it regains the draw current for the system.

But the corrosion can not be done with this method. You must have to use baking soda to remove the restriction for any test.

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