Are you a music lover who wants to enjoy a ride or a long drive with friends?

Do you want to use the radio and are concerned about the car battery. Want to know how long a car battery lasts when the car radio is on

But the car radio can drain the battery as it requires power that is from the battery when it constantly works.

Here I will discuss how much power consumption is done when the radio is on and how you overcome this issue.

How long does a car battery last with the radio on

If you turn on the car radio, your car battery dies after about 4 to 5 hours. This is because when the car engine is not running, the alternator does not provide power to the battery, but it still works for the radio or sound system, because of which the battery dies.

How long does a car battery last with the radio on

How Long A Car Battery Last With Radio On

The car battery is the primary source to provide power to the car, which is the result of chemical reactions inside the car battery. The car battery not only provides the initial power to the car engine but also to the other accessories that work in accessory mode.

Radio, stereo sound system clock, and alarms of battery work only because of the battery. All these systems work whether the car is in accessory mode or not.

Suppose your car is off and parked along the road trip. Someone hits your car, and its alarm starts, which helps you to take care of your car like an anti-thief system. These systems run only because of the car battery, even if your car is not working.

Car radio causes dead battery

The car has a sound system that is used for different entertainment purposes. Fm stereo of older car radios requires much less or average power according to the battery’s capacity.

Such car’s radio of older models is designed on a basic level that catches satellite signal, and thus the power usage of these portable radios are much low.

But on the other hand, in modern cars, the stereo system is upgraded. One such model has sound systems designed with a high amplifier that creates a louder base compared to other accessories and other devices.

Because of this, listening to the radio in modern cars, either having a new battery or an older one, requires as much power to start.

But in all this scenario, the battery will not die if the car battery is charged. Portable radio, satellite radio, or even amplifier sound systems can reduce the battery capacity.

When the engine is running, the alternator provides power consumption back to the battery, which helps the battery fully charge and avoid draining.

In such conditions, listening to the radio can not hurt your car battery as the engine turns it automatically into the sound system.

If the car is in accessory mode, the car battery dies because the engine is not working to provide tha power back; thus, the battery car batteries can not work as standard car batteries as the car battery runs continuously. It will cause difficulty in different situations, including your car starting.

Signs when car battery dies due to radio

The radio audio system or stereo system in most modern cars causes the battery to faster dies other than the new battery or when the battery charge is not completed.

The electrical system’s interior lights in most cars with different battery types automatically shut down because of low battery levels.

Drain your battery can also result in an extended period of the car starting as listening to the radio drain your battery, and there would be no power for the engine’s initial combustion. The more power is used, the more difficulty you face with the batteries.

In addition, the led lights or the lights of the dashboard blink, which is a sign that the car battery has died.

How to overcome battery draining

The best way to overcome the battery capacity when you listen to the radio is that you must recharge your battery faster.

If you do not recharge the car battery, it remains about four to six hours to work with the radio. After that, the car’s battery cannot provide other power.

So you have to charge the car’s battery with any charger when it is in critical condition. Otherwise, you can start the car engine that turns on the car’s alternator to provide the power voltage to the battery as a reverse of chemical reactions.

Does leaving a radio on in the car drain battery

The electrical components of any vehicle depend on the car battery for proper functioning. Radio without draining car battery can’t work. Radio and other sound systems use car battery power for their functioning, but the magnitude of draining the battery power depends upon the power consumption of the sound system. Although radio does not require much energy, it drains the battery.

Can I keep the radio on while the car is off

You can keep the radio on without starting the car engine. Radio without draining the car battery can not work, but it reduces the draining so that it can also work when the car engine is not running. Just turn the key in the ignition once; this turn on all the electric system of the vehicle but not the engine, and it behaves like a parked car.

How do I turn the engine off and the radio on

The best way to keep your battery from draining while using the radio is to turn off the engine. If you want to keep your engine off and the radio on, you must keep it on the accessory mode. First, put the key in the car ignition and turn it on or rotate it only once while your foot is not on the brake pedal. This way, you can depend on the car radio system without the engine running.

Should you turn off the radio before turning off the car

Radio’s power consumption changes according to its car stereo sound. When the car is in accessory mode, the car battery provides power. If the radio is not running or working, or you can say it is not used, you can turn off the engine without turning off the radio. If your radio is working and you turn off the car engine or set it to neutral mode, it will drain the battery and eventually die.

How long does a car battery last with the radio on

The time that a car battery with stand with the car radio or car stereo system depends upon the car battery’s condition when the car is in accessory mode. The new cars with new batteries usually have a bearable capacity of about 8 to 10 hours if the radio is in low volume. But the power to retain decreased in the case of an old battery or heavy and modified car’s audio system with a high volume. In other words, the battery dies faster in this case.

Does a car amplifier improve sound quality

The amplifier is the device that increases the loudness of the sound of any song or something that is used to play. When you listen to the radio without the amplifier, the sound feels slow and is not clear. But using an amplifier to listen to the radio increases the car’s functioning in accessory mode but also causes the car battery to die. So it improves the quality of sound.

Does the car amplifier affect the battery

The amplifier affects the battery faster when the car is in accessory mode. The car battery is charged according to the standard battery to provide maximum amplification. If the vehicle has a dead battery or the battery level is low, the car radio does not provide enough power to the audio system from the car’s battery. So the more the battery is charged more power is provided, and a louder and clear sound is produced.

Does accessory mode drain the battery

Putting the car in accessory mode does not drain the battery, but it still drains some electricity or voltage from the car battery. This cause the car battery power to drain if any systems are used for a long time, like radio or any other device.


As discussed in detail in the article, listening to the radio can drain the car battery, which can be detected by various factors such as:

  • Difficulty in starting the car engine
  • Blinking in led lights and headlights
  • Misbehavior in the car anti thief system

After these signs are detected, you must overcome the issues by either charging the battery by starting the engine or using the portable radio so that it can be used for more than four to six hours.

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